Do your research, writer. And then maybe write about that truth. Don't copy mainstream headlines.

This place looks like a bank... Need Fathead stickers, neon signs and specials written all over the windows!

Sexual assault, multiple cases of theft; maybe campus carry wasn't a bad idea after all?

Click this link to find out more about bigotry in Arlington, TX.

In case you weren't aware, Texas if very much a low information - fear mongering state. Arlington is not immune to this.

Shame on that RA!
Should have tried to resolve the issue without having to involve the police.

Who was he hurting?

"Was it luck of the draw? Maybe."

Um, OKAY! Poor choice of words for a UTA student on UTA sports.

Who even owns the rights to UTA parking? I believe it is a private company; who is clearly making a profit off of providing lesser services (no upgrades to parking) while charging higher prices. Unacceptable.

The catchy name of the place is what attracted me to take a look inside. Immediately after opening the doors the smell of the kitchen filled my nose; it was quite pleasant. The long line however was not so pleasant and was enough to make me walk right back out the door (I'll give the place a…