Forget the rabbit foot, and if you would rather sleep in your bed than race it down a football field, you might have a hard time adjusting to UTA. I am speaking of two of the many traditions students can take part in while they spend their college years in Arlington. Here is our UTA traditions list:




Instead of a bake sale or car wash, the Student Alumni Association raises money for scholarships by filling volleyball courts with mud and setting up community showers in the most famous tradition: Oozeball. Oozeball has been around since 1989, and Sept. 19 will mark the 25th annual Oozeball tournament. Gather your team and prepare to get mud in place where mud should not be.



For some, sticking out a pinky and thumb while leaving three middle fingers down to form the letter M is mostly associated with surfer dudes, but what students might not know is that its also a way to show off some Maverick spirit. This hand signal can be seen around campus at many events to help students show off their Maverick pride, though its origin is unknown. Although it is mostly seen at athletic or spirit events, students shouldn’t be discouraged from thrusting their Maverick fists into the air when walking to class or while paying for a sandwich in the Plaza.




Aside from fortune cookies, Magic 8 balls and astrology, rubbing the head of a statue might be a student’s best bet at increasing their luck before an exam. It is said that giving the bronze statue in the University Center a little head rub can bring students good luck. E. H. Hereford is a former president at UTA. The statue was unveiled Nov. 23, 1959, but it is unknown how this quirky tradition came to be. Regardless if you believe in this tradition, you can gaze upon the worn out head to see that many students have sought out the luck of Hereford.




No college student wants to see D’s unless it is on a bra size, and that is exactly what you can find in October when Brazos Hall hangs up its annual bra bridge in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Originally the event was only open to Brazos Hall residents, but now any student can hang their bra on the bridge if they are brave enough. This tradition helps raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, an organization dedicated to fighting breast cancer.



UTA’s lack of a football team does not dampen our Homecomeing Spirit. Along with nominating a Homecoming king and queen, there is a week long celebration filled with events to commemorate Homecoming and to celebrate our men’s basketball team. The week is capped off with the biggest party for students on campus called The Bash. Hosted by EXCEL, The Bash turns the College Park Center into a dance club for one night and features food, karaoke, live music and lots of dancing. Last year also showcased a laser light show and a performance from the robotic stylings of A-Borg, according to a previous Shorthorn article. 




College students use their beds in many different ways whether it is sleeping too much, sleeping too little or just not sleeping at all and watching Netflix on their phones. However, UTA takes the cake for using beds in the most bizarre way. Instead of men in helmets charging down our football field at Maverick Stadium, we put a student on a bed and a team pushes them toward the finish line in the exhilarating tradition called Bed Races. Last year’s event had a record-breaking 104 teams register to participate, making it the largest turnout in the event’s 33-year history, according to a previous Shorthorn article. Leave the slippers behind and lace up a pair of tennis shoes instead before stepping up to this bed.



UTA isn’t only about having fun. The UTA campus likes to help the environment and Campus Sustainability helps students get involved with this effort as well. Students can celebrate Earth Day by receiveing a free tree from Campus Sustainability, a tradition that was planted nine years ago. 




Aside from helping the earth, taking care of our own community is important to students, as well. Last year, nearly 1,100 students signed up to volunteer as part of The Big Event. Mission Arlington was the largest volunteer site with 200 volunteers and 10 site leaders. This tradition has been improving the UTA community for 14 years. The Big Event is held in the spring semester, but if you can’t wait to give back to your community, The Big Event committee is currently looking for students to help organize the event. More information can be found at their office in the lower level of the University Center. 




UTA has been named one of the most diverse universities in the nation. We celebrate that diversity in a weeklong event called International Week. This is another event you will have to wait until spring to enjoy, but UTA never hesitates to boast about the ever increasing international student population. A student attending International Week can expect to experience a fashion show, food samples and dancing. The week will kick off with an Opening Parade consisting of banners of countries represented at UTA. Explore the different cultures that our university community has to offer and maybe even make a new friend.



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