Movin’ Mavs sweep day two of tournament play

Clarence McCarthy-Grogan shoots the ball during a game against the Toronto Rollin Raptors on Feb. 15 at the Physical Education Building. McCarthy-Grogan scored 12 points in the game.

The Movin’ Mavs continued action Saturday with two more wins in the 2020 Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks Invitational.

UTA 77, Miami Heat Wheels 55

The Movin’ Mavs opened day two of the tournament with a 22-point win against Miami, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

UTA dominated the first half, outscoring Miami 26-7 and 22-13 in the first two periods, respectively. High intensity defense from high-pointers stifled Miami’s offense.

In the third quarter, however, Miami turned the tide and outscored the Movin’ Mavs 22-10 to trail 58-42.

Senior Fabian Romo said the team took its foot off the gas and had lapses of concentration that led to a subpar third quarter from the Mavs.

Head coach Doug Garner said he was trying to get more lineups on the court, using more youth and low-pointers in the third, but players need to be fully focused to enter the game.

Romo led the charge in the fourth quarter as UTA reversed course and won, contributing to 11 points in the final period and 19 points overall. Senior Clarence McCarthy-Grogan led all scorers with 23 points in the game.

UTA 77, Toronto Rollin Raptors 39

UTA’s high defensive pressure was again present in the first quarter, leading to a 23-3 advantage at the interval. By halftime, McCarthy-Grogan and senior Adryan Powell combined for half of the Movin’ Mavs’ points as the lead was nearly tripled to 40-15.

Garner said the lineups played much better than the earlier game and showcased defensive solidity throughout the game without switching off.

There would be no comeback attempt from Toronto as UTA consistently drove into the paint through Powell, who ended with a game-high 22 points and helped solidify a 77-39 win.

Garner said he believed this will have been the game that best tested them against a college-opponent, while tomorrow’s game against the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks will be more for bragging rights and pride, given the proximity of the teams.

The Movin’ Mavs will conclude the tournament against the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks at 11 a.m. Sunday in the Physical Education Building.


Julio Vega is a sports reporter for The Shorthorn.

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