The Lady Movin’ Mavs moved to 3-0 Saturday in the Jim Hayes Memorial Wheelchair Basketball Tournament after a win against the Great Britain National Team. 

Lady Movin' Mavs 75, Great Britain National Team 73

Graduate student Morgan Wood led the team with 24 points, senior Rose Hollermann contributed 21 and junior Abby Dunkin added 20 points in the win.

“The pace is a lot different. The intensity is a lot different,” Dunkin said. “Playing against such a great national team like Great Britain, it was awesome to play against them to see where we stand. They’re at least top six in the world, if not top four.”

Helen Freeman was the leading scorer for Great Britain with 26 points, including two 3-pointers. Jude Hamer contributed 13 points and Amy Conroy chipped in 15 points.

“We actually got up pretty good in the game and wanted to give everybody a chance to go out there and experience what it is to be at that level,” head coach Jason Nelms said. “Hopefully, some of them will come back and realize they can play at that level and train a little bit harder.”

Movin’ Mavs 61, University of Alabama 41

The Movin’ Mavs finished the tournament 2-2 after a win against Alabama and a loss against the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks.

In their third game of the tournament, the Movin’ Mavs bounced back against Alabama, coming off a nine-point loss on Friday.

Junior Adryan Powell led the team in scoring with 19 points, while sophomore Clarence McCarthy-Grogan had a double-double with 16 points and 11 rebounds. He also distributed eight assists, two shy of a triple-double.

“I think coming back, compared to last night, we had a pretty rough shooting day,” senior Alhassan Sedky said. “We did a great job of showing that all we need to do is move the ball around.”

In the first half, both teams struggled to make a breakthrough offensively, with the Mavericks finishing the first half shooting 40.7 percent from the field and Alabama shooting 26.9 percent.

Throughout the second half, both teams shot better, with Alabama ending the second half shooting 37.5 percent and 32 percent for the game. The Movin' Mavs shot 50 percent in the second half, bringing their overall shooting for the game to 45.2 percent.

Freshman Lindy Bridges led Alabama with 10 points and sophomore Michael Auprince led the team with 10 rebounds.

“They wanted to come out and show what ball they can play,” head coach Doug Garner said. “It didn’t take much to get them fired up and show what we could do.”

Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks 81, Movin’ Mavs 62

The Movin’ Mavs closed out the tournament on Saturday with a loss against the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks.

Bonnie Nickleberry led all scorers with 31 points, and Andreas Kraft chipped in 19 points. 

McCarthy-Grogan and junior Fabian Romo were the Mavericks' leading scorers with 22 and 19 points, respectively.

The Wheelchair Mavericks had defensive stops, which led to transition points, second-chance points and outlet passes.

“Dallas is a pretty strong team. They’re No. 1 in the nation,” junior Blake McMinn said. “We came out with pretty good defense, but we got to work on our intensity and transitions."

Garner said the Mavericks play Dallas every Wednesday and Saturday and that it’s a good way to evaluate the team throughout the season.

“Our ultimate goal is at the end of the season, so we going to take each game as preparation,” Garner said. “One of the things we do well when we play Dallas is we just go out and relax. We talked about getting that mental state, so when we play college division team. We’re relaxed; we’re not worried about shooting, making, missing. We’re just playing basketball.”


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