I think it’s time to have a serious conversation about Tony Romo.

After his recent compression fracture, he’s expected to miss 6-10 weeks.

Romo assumed the quarterback position for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2006 season. Since then, he’s been a beast. He was our savior. He tugged at our heartstrings but broke them all the same.

Romo’s often at the center of football controversy. Can he do it? Is he in the same league of the elites?

The injuries have gotten to him. Now, Jerry Jones needs to make a decision.

After Romo’s injury last year, Cowboys’ fans saw what life was like without him. When Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel played quarterback, we realized how great Romo is, as the Cowboys won only one game without him.

But this year is different. We drafted a fourth rounder, Dak Prescott, whose throws and runs spark a little bit of hope within our heavy hearts.

Keeping Romo as Prescott’s mentor to take the Cowboys to new heights is more valuable than keeping him on the team. After about 9 years with Romo as the starter, it seems the Cowboys have accomplished all they can with him.

Paying Romo $120 million is not okay and neither is him missing almost all of last season and half of this season.

Of course, it hurts to even think about the Cowboys without Romo; he will always be one of the best. However, he needs to pass the reigns. Hopefully, the next quarterback won’t make us cringe every time he’s hit.

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