Opinion: Making an effort to be positive, decisive every day can lead to success

Every 24 hours, we are privileged to witness a new day's sunrise, and it is important to come up with decisions to make it memorable and worthwhile.

Every new day should come with new decisions: the decision to expect more, avoid repeating yesterday’s mistakes, try again, develop good vibes, have a wonderful day and never give up. The ability to make decisions daily helps people manage time and become more determined and dedicated to solving every issue.

At the end of every day, one should be able to answer the questions of “What did I gain today?” and “What is the new thing I learned today?” It might not be something big, but small accomplishments gradually become big, and they will shape who we become and how our time is spent.

Time management has been proven to be a key factor in academic success, according to a research article in SAGE Open.

To learn from yesterday’s mistakes rather than regret them, it is vital to avoid repeating the same thing the next day. This encourages the mind and body to work together and grow.

If this mentality of every day being a decision day is upheld, it will enforce itself into future long-term ambitions. By then, a positive determination of being successful, resourceful and accountable can be developed.

I remembered when I made the decision to switch my major to computer science. It was hard, but something inside me keeps telling me I have what it takes. We do not get ahead until we get started. It might seem awkward at first. But eventually, the question will be “Why am I just starting?” The decision of getting started on something we’ve always wanted only happens in a day.

A 24-hour day should not be spent whichever way it comes. Instead, one should start with the right decision and mindset. This might be starting the day without looking at one’s phone screen after waking up and choosing to make breakfast and set the day’s schedule instead.

According to a cross-sectional study published in Creative Education, 66.3% of students who pre-plan their times properly have more success than others who just manage their time randomly.

Life is filled with opposing sides: good and bad, up and down, day and night or low and high. Experiencing these two sides in life is often unavoidable. Success will depend on deciding to overcome the experience because the decisions taken today will determine the expectations of tomorrow.

Decisions like making a dream come to reality, implementing an idea, overcoming frustration, passing that difficult class — when these decisions are made, the needed energy and enthusiasm will arise automatically because the first step of making a decision has been taken.

It is important to make new decisions daily, knowing that today is another opportunity to right yesterday’s wrongs. As such, one should give all their energy and determination, just like motivational speaker Les Brown said in one of his speeches: “You know [life is] hard, but you did it hard.”


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