I don’t know why people like the fact UTA has 38,000 students and growing. This is not something we should be proud of.

As an alumnus and an endowed scholarship donator, it is embarrassing.

People should know that UTA’s standing in the student SAT scores in Texas ranks them No. 25 in Texas. UTA is No. 469 in the country. What does this do to the classroom?

As a former UTA lecturer and former dean of Business at another university, I can tell you. It is difficult to teach to a wide spectrum of students. Sadly, admitting lower quality students slows the higher and middle students. It is very difficult to measure the quality of universities by their output, so they are measured by their input. This means that UTA accepts students who can’t get in to better universities. While I am all in favor of extending higher education, this is the job of Tarrant County College — to accept lower quality students and prepare them for a four-year institution.

Why doesn’t UTA management care what they are doing to the university’s reputation? Many speak of the dysfunction in academia. Sadly, this is one more example: growth at the price of quality.

Why isn’t UTA management held accountable?

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