Dear Editor,

A recent Shorthorn article about the members of Students for Justice in Palestine at UTA was released that may need some reconsideration. The article insinuated that the chapter’s views are of anti-Semitic purposes, and this accusation is false. Nineteen of the 24 students mentioned for the inappropriate social media posts have no affiliation with our organization. And the ones who were actually made those posts before they stepped onto campus as students, which gives them no ties back to our chapter.

The Canary Mission website has been targeting SJP chapters all across the nation for years in hopes of shutting down each chapter and stopping their true agenda in its tracks. It is run by an anonymous source and has no reason for credibility.

The mission of SJP is to bring back the human rights to Palestinian people in a peaceful manner. The conflict is not about religion, but simply about the human rights of individuals who seek justice.

We understand The Shorthorn reports on news that the public should be educated and aware of, so this is our contribution to that cause.

If any students, faculty, staff or The Shorthorn staffers would like to know the true agenda of SJP, you are very much welcome to our next meeting noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesday in University Hall Room 116.

Our door is always wide open.

Kind regards,

Students for Justice in Palestine at UTA

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