Just four days ago, several fliers of white nationalist propaganda appeared overnight. It was a part of an organized campaign called by white nationalist groups, such as Vanguard America. The intent was clear — to send a message to the students of UTA that the fascists were here to peddle their message and impose fear on the vast majority of students who are not white.

That intent must be opposed and confronted where it’s at. These fascists have but one goal in mind — making their genocidal, racist politics normalized and open. It's why they felt the need to publish fliers that claimed that white Americans have a “civic duty” to deport undocumented people in America. We, the students of UTA, need to take a stand against this rhetoric and speech that is clearly an attack on what makes UTA the fifth most diverse campus in the nation.

While the administration has been busy with collecting and piling the fliers, they have yet to comment on the situation with a statement. If President Vistasp Karbhari truly wants to make UTA be in the Communities That Care Coalition, he should actively condemn this attack on the UTA student body. If not, we'll see where exactly the administration stands when it comes to fascists coming on our campus — they will be silent. But we, the students at UTA, and Progressive Student Union, will not be silent.

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