Editorial: UTA’s timely response to extreme weather conditions helped keep students safe

Snow covers the ground Feb. 16 outside of College Park Center. UTA's campus will remain closed, and all classes are canceled through Friday. 

All in-person classes were promptly canceled due to winter weather causing hazardous travel conditions Feb. 11. The university continued to monitor the extreme winter weather situation closely and made adjustments accordingly.

The Shorthorn praises the university for remaining cautious, providing resources during power outages and keeping students, faculty and staff safe and informed during unprecedented weather conditions.

The university provided students, faculty and staff with information throughout the campus closure and weather situation, through the university website, multiple emails via the TrailBlazer and Mavwire, and various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, until conditions improved.

According to a universitywide email sent Feb. 12, all in-person classes were canceled, and online classes would continue as scheduled. The University Center, the Commons and the Central Library remained open with reduced hours of operation.

As weather conditions persisted and the Metroplex experienced widespread power outages, the university responded by closing campus through Feb. 19.

Campus services were adjusted, and students were able to access services on campus for food and shelter. The UC and the Commons operated 24 hours to provide warmth and safety.

Cots were available in the Bluebonnet Ballroom as needed, and many students filled the Commons to sleep and use electric outlets to charge their phones and laptops.

Student Affairs sent a universitywide email Wednesday listing the resources available to students following the storm, including the Tri-C Food Pantry, Counseling and Psychological Services, the MavsTalk 24-hour crisis line and emergency assistance fund.

The Shorthorn appreciates the university's efforts to ensure student safety during unprecedented weather conditions and widespread power outages. Without additional services and updates from the university, many more students would have been severely impacted.

The Shorthorn Editorial Board is made up of opinion editor Katecey Harrell; Editor-in-Chief Cecilia Lenzen; associate news editor Spencer Brewer; Samantha Knowles, life and entertainment editor; sports editor Adrian Rodriguez; news reporter Thevnin Rumende; and copy editor Jill Bold.


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