Editorial: Students survived a rough semester and now should step back and relax

Some students are preparing to walk the stage in May, while others are winding down for the summer to start fresh in the fall. We have been through unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic, from struggling with online classes to social isolation. Everyone was forced to endure situations they weren’t used to.

The Shorthorn editorial board commends students for their hard work and effort this semester. But now that classes are concluding, push forward, finish the semester strong and take a much needed break during the summer.

In 2020, over one-third of young adults ages 18 to 23 reported being more stressed than ever, according to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll for the American Psychological Association.

The pandemic has caused UTA students to develop irregular sleep patterns and feel emotionally exhausted, according to previous Shorthorn reporting. Many of us are experiencing “zoom fatigue” and are essentially sick of virtual learning.

As students and young adults, we are influenced by the social pressure to take on too many responsibilities known as “hustle culture” and can forget to take time for ourselves. “Hustle culture” can be uplifting, but can also damage physical and emotional health, according to previous Shorthorn reporting.

Everyone develops at their own pace, and it is incredibly important to nurture your emotional health. What one person is doing may not work for another, so don’t hold yourself to the same standard as your friends, family, peers or social media idols.

Slow down, take a break and allow yourself time to refresh.

We congratulate those graduating and encourage those who aren’t to take advantage of their free time this summer to get ready for the upcoming semester.

The Shorthorn Editorial Board is made up of opinion editor Katecey Harrell; Editor-in-Chief Cecilia Lenzen; associate news editor Spencer Brewer; Samantha Knowles, life and entertainment editor; sports editor Adrian Rodriguez; news reporter Thevnin Rumende; and copy editor Jill Bold.


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