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Community Voices columnist Jonathan Demarest argues that in an unpredictable election season, polls may not accurately predict the 2020 winner.

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Community Voices columnist Joel Cueto argues that less clickbait, more policy-focused coverage and less opinion and drama in our news will help regain public approval.

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Never before in American history has voting by mail been as important to the democratic process as it is in 2020. With over six million reported cases of COVID-19 in the United States, staying home has become an issue of personal safety for many.

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They say that we realize the importance of things only when we no longer have them. This realization hit me hard after the university announced new rules for conducting events on campus. What would that mean for the cultural celebrations organized by the Indian Mavericks Society, the Indian …

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Community Voices columnist Jordan K. Joiner argues that arbitration essentially limits your right to a jury trial in many civil cases, and mandatory arbitration clauses discourage employees from making claims when their rights are violated.

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Loyalty toward the party has taken precedence over loyalty toward the nation and its founding principles. President George Washington warned us of the disaster that would result from a two-party system, stating in his Farewell Address: