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As I continue with my duties at North Lake College and my preparations to resume mathematics tutoring next semester, both endeavors have invited me to reflect on what it means to be professional.

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I grew up in a household where teaching was our bread and butter. My father is a dedicated teacher and has been teaching for almost 35 years. Growing up, I absorbed his teaching spirits and passions. He would say, “Once a teacher, you are a lifetime learner.”

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As a Sudanese-American and the son of a pediatrician, I’ve seen firsthand the vast differences between the United States health care system and that of a developing nation like Sudan. The health care system in Sudan is extremely underdeveloped, and many people suffer, especially mothers and …

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For many people, Labor Day represents the end of summer, retail sales and barbecue. It is that short pause in your back-to-school schedule every September and the beginning of football season. It might even mean enjoying a rare day with no school or work.

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Loud beats, fluent flows and explicit lyrics. These are a few of the things that make hip-hop what it is.