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This election cycle is a circus.

The most presidential candidate to come out of the two major parties, Hillary Clinton has broken federal law and jeopardized national security in a way that should disqualify her from the highest office in the land.

Her rival, Donald Trump, went from a joke to a reality as the Republican candidate, riding a wave of popular support.

America, the joke isn’t funny anymore.

When the Democratic candidate breaks federal law and still seems more presidential than her opponent, something has gone off the rails.

I’d venture a guess to say that this is because of Trump’s inability to keep his foot out of his mouth.

All campaign long, we’ve listened as Trump has said things that some classify as xenophobic, misogynistic, racist or just plain false.

However, the man carries himself with a sort of virile charisma and disregard for the political status quo that has allowed supporters to ignore or celebrate those comments as a counter to politically correct culture and so-called “social justice warriors.”

Yet, the now infamous 2005 video, in which Trump claimed his fame was excuse enough to commit sexual assault, is proving to be a hard pill to swallow for the GOP and Trump’s popular supporters alike.

Let’s make something clear — you do not get my vote if you think fame trumps consent.

As a man, how would I look my mother, my spouse or my daughter in the eye if I ever cast a vote for a man who brushes off casual conversations about assaulting women as mere “locker room talk.”

“Grab them by the p----. You can do anything.”

No, Mr. Trump, you can’t.

I don’t know who I’m going to vote for Nov. 8, but I know this: It’s time for this circus to end.

Get off the stage, Donald. We have enough clowns as it is.

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