I am a woman of many words.

There are not too many times where I find myself searching for the appropriate words, but today I am at a loss. My heart is grossly heavy and weeps. The community in which I call home was the target of what some call the worst mass shooting in American history.

What was intended to be a night of celebration and joy turned into something even your worst nightmares couldn’t compose. This was an act of pure hate and anger towards the LGBT+ community. There are no words that could excuse this monster’s behavior, but there is one thing we can do; band together.

Hold hands and remember that ‘hope will never be silent.’ Do not allow the ruthless actions of this monster govern our lives.

Remember the fallen and keep their loved ones in your thoughts, do not give the shooter an ounce of your time or attention. He does not deserve it.

Be mindful and care for others, watch out for them. But don’t allow this to stop you from living your life.

It’s National Pride month, and it means more than just the superficial image of Pride festivals and night club outings. Pride Month is about having a voice and not being shoved back into the closets of society.

Always follow your arrow, wherever it points. Pride Month is a celebration of our identities and triumphs our community has endured through the heart breaks. We are a resilient community and we will smile again.

Be proud of who you are, don’t let fear take that from you.

Know that you have people who love and care for you, and will always be in your corner.

Hate is not natural, it is learned. Love will always win, especially in times of terror.

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