Just to set the record straight, our 2015 Homecoming men's basketball game will be played on our home court at College Park Center on Nov. 14. 

As a student working in the Division of Student Affairs, I was surprised to read a fellow student’s critical comments about our women's basketball team’s upcoming trip to Waco to play in the NCAA’s Division I 2015 Preseason Women's National Invitational Tournament.

I’m no sports specialist, but I understand the invitation is special recognition that puts the women's basketball team in a field of 16 nationally-ranked teams, including Baylor, Alabama State, Dartmouth, DePaul, Drexel and Indiana, among others selected to represent their conferences.

The UTA vs. Baylor women’s basketball game Friday evening in Waco is not the Homecoming game. It is simply one in a series of spirit activities sprinkled throughout next week. It’s important that students, professors, alumni and community supporters show up to cheer on our women at Baylor in the same way we will get involved throughout the week, have fun and show our pride in the blue, orange and white.

If the Baylor trip Friday is successful, it will only inspire further excitement for our men’s game the next day. Students will be even more pumped up to put on their school colors and celebrate Saturday before the men’s game with a street festival, parade and pep rally.

As a student leader on campus, I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to represent our beloved school and support our Mavericks at Baylor. I, along with many other student leaders on campus, have been a part of a large planning group since August. We have put a lot of effort into making sure students enjoy their time at Baylor.

Our goal is to bring UTA students together to make something big happen, something different. We want to see several hundred students make the trip. Anything close will be a success.

The Baylor game is such a great opportunity for Mavericks to be spotlighted on a national stage. When our students get on the buses bound for Waco, the message they are sending to the Bears and everyone else is that we are proud Mavericks here on our turf and everywhere we go.

Any event that brings our community together should only be encouraged, not dismissed. We are cultivating Maverick pride in the hearts of our students, our alumni and our supporters.

That’s really the main goal of Homecoming week anyway, isn’t it?

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