Warmer weather and a midweek cold front expected for the Metroplex

Warmer weather is expected for the Metroplex, with low rain chances this week.

“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we could almost be up to 80 degrees or so,” said Juan Hernandez, National Weather Service meteorologist. “It's going to be fairly breezy each day as well.”

A cold front is expected Wednesday night, bringing temperatures down into the 60s, Hernandez said. Temperatures are predicted to remain cool through the rest of the week, with Thursday being the coldest day.

Rain chances are about 15% to 20% for Wednesday following the cold front, he said. There is no severe weather expected this week.

Hernandez recommends people be aware of the change in temperature from warmer to cooler and dress appropriately.

“Be prepared with maybe a light jacket for the second half of the week,” he said.



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