Warmer temperatures and a potential storm system predicted for the Metroplex

The Metroplex can anticipate warmer temperatures this week and a possible storm system.

Starting Monday, the system will bring increased rain and storm chances, said Allison Prater, National Weather Service meteorologist.

There is a cap in place, and the severity of the possible storms is uncertain. If the cap breaks, the chance for severe storms increases, she said.

A cap is a layer of relatively warm air that suppresses or delays the development of thunderstorms, according to the National Weather Service.

Sunday evening lows will be in the upper 60s to low 70s, and tomorrow, temperatures are expected to be in the lower 90s.

Tuesday is predicted to be cooler following the storm system, with lows expected to be in the low to mid-60s.

Wednesday’s high temperatures are expected to be in the upper 70s and Thursday’s will be in the 80s. The weekend is predicted to be in the low to upper 80s, she said.

Prater advises continuing to drink water and taking warm weather precautions in order to prepare for summer weather.

“If you’re going to be out for long periods of time, sunscreen would be recommended,” she said.



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