Volunteers help mission recover from holiday season

Members of the community came out to volunteer during MLK Day of Service on Monday at Mission Arlington.

Marketing graduate student Ashish Kalra, originally from India, spent the day before classes helping the less fortunate.

During his time at Mission Arlington, an extension of Mission Metroplex, he was able to experience a new culture while helping out.

“I don’t think back in India they help anyone like these people do,” Kalra said. “Another good thing I’ve seen is how happy it makes people. Even if they get the smallest thing, they are so happy.”

Kalra and other UTA students were among thousands in Arlington and nationwide participating in the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

Students met at 9 a.m. at the Maverick Activities Center and were given individual volunteer assignments.

Mission Arlington executive director Tillie Burgin said volunteers performed many tasks throughout the morning, including cleaning out apartments for the church, handing out fliers, cleaning different locations, taking food to those in need and sorting food.

“One group got a whole building ready for us,” Burgin said. “Since Christmastime, we just had so much that needed to get back to normal.”

Marketing graduate student Sijie Sun said the experience gave him some perspective for his degree, and he’ll try to continue volunteering around his school schedule.

“Maybe weekends, like Fridays, we can,” Sun said.

Burgin said Martin Luther King Jr. Day volunteers helped the mission recover from the holiday season, but they are always in need of more volunteers.

For more information on volunteering with Mission Arlington, contact Burgin or Heather Young at 817-277-6620.



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