Tri-C and UTA Volunteers combat food insecurity on campus with bi-monthly food pantry distributions (copy)

Vikrant Singh, information systems graduate student, and Shaivya Bajpai, business analytics and marketing research graduate student, examine cans of food Jan. 17 during the Food Pantry Distribution hosted by Christian Campus Center and UTA Volunteers at the Christian Campus Center. The two decided to come after hearing about the event through friends.

The UTA Volunteers and Tri-C Food Pantry distribution will continue to assist individuals experiencing food insecurity in spite of the coronavirus outbreak.

Distribution will be held by appointment on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 10 to 11:45 a.m. and 2 to 4:45 p.m., Cyndi Needels, Tri-C/UTA food pantry director said in an email.

The possibility of further distributions is dependent on demonstrated need, number of available volunteers and quantity of donations received.

To receive groceries, UTA students, faculty and staff have to email their name, the last four digits of their UTA ID, requested grocery pickup time and preferred choice of vegetarian, chicken or meat groceries.

The Tri-C is located across the University Center Starbucks at 405 W. First St. Two bags of groceries will be handed to people who present their UTA ID at the Tri-C’s door during the requested appointment time.

“Food insecurity is a real issue for many UTA students, and that won't improve during this pandemic,” Needels said. “We are attempting to continue to make food available to serve the ongoing needs of our community, and we are also aware that the economic changes that many will experience over the next few months will create an even greater need.”


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