UTA Student Senate confirms new Supreme Court justice during virtual general body meeting

Student Government members applaud Feb. 18 during a Student Senate general body meeting in the University Center Student Government Chambers.

Student Senate confirmed a new Supreme Court Justice during a virtual general body meeting Tuesday.

Student Body President Blaize LaFleur nominated political science senior Melanie Vo as a Justice for a two-year term which senators approved.

“Melanie’s involvement in the Liberal Arts Constituency Council [and the] Leadership Honors Program is a testament to her outstanding community involvement and dedication to achievement,” LaFleur said.

The Judicial Branch consists of the Supreme Court committee and the Election Supervisory Board. The court is made up of seven justices who serve as the hearing panel for student organizations requesting funding through the Program Assistance Fund.

Vo is expecting to graduate next spring, which means she will not complete the full two-year term. But she said she is committed to finding and mentoring a successor with better flexibility to lead the Supreme Court forward in times of uncertainty.

In the past, Vo has served as president of the UTA Pre-Law Society from 2019 to 2020, according to the organization’s website.

“Being a careful and considerate listener while also recognizing the inevitable where not every decision will please everybody is crucial to withstanding the pressures of being a justice,” she said.



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