UTA remembers professor Kamisetty “K.R.” Rao

After serving on staff for decades and making multiple contributions to electrical engineering research, electrical engineering professor Kamisetty “K.R.” Rao passed away Jan. 15 at a hospital following a bout of illness.

Rao was world renowned for his research in mathematical computer techniques. In 1974, he co-invented Discrete Cosign Transform, a transformation technique with a wide variety of applications, including video and audio technology. He joined the university faculty in 1966 and was among the university's longest serving members. During his time at UTA, he served as a mentor to over 100 graduate and doctoral students.

Rao received awards and honors spanning his career. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or IEEE, awarded Rao with an IEEE Fellowship in 2000.

According to a UTA press release, people often take for granted things like watching things on the internet with our smartphones. Rao’s research helped make this possible, and he had a major impact on his field.



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