UTA releases info on which fall classes will be taught online, in person or as a hybrid format

The setting sun reflects off the UTA tower Jan. 19 on the corner of UTA Boulevard and Cooper Street.

UTA released a master list of fall semester classes, detailing which would be taught online, in person or in a hybrid format in an Office of the Provost email Tuesday.

The list breaks down each course by subject, catalog and section numbers and will later be available on MyMav. In each line, the original instruction mode is labeled along with the new proposed mode.

Proposed class modes are defined as online synchronous, online asynchronous, face-to-face or hybrid.

Online synchronous means that all instruction and testing have a scheduled date and time, according to an Office of the Provost email sent Friday. Online asynchronous means instruction is recorded but testing may still happen at a scheduled time.

Hybrid classes combine online and face-to-face instruction. Students may be required to come to campus one or more days a week or rotate days on campus. Face-to-face exams and presentations may also be required.

Face-to-face instruction requires students to come to campus for instruction. Classrooms will allow for social distancing, and face masks are required while in class, according to the email.

Students will have the option to choose what classes to take if they do not wish to return to campus or are unable to, but it may affect their path to graduation, according to the email.

The information is subject to change while the university continues to work through space allocations or the needs of each course.

Currently, the Fall Academic and Course Planning Task Force is developing plans for a safe return to campus life.

Students can contact their advisers or submit any questions about their courses through this form.



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