UTA professor uses grant to develop open educational resources for building information modeling

Architecture assistant professor Atefe Makhmalbaf is developing open educational resources for courses in building information modeling, which will finish the development stage by June or July and give students access to free course materials.

Her project is called, “Development, Adoption, and Assessment of OER to Enhance Building Information Modeling Courses,” began after Makhmalbaf received a UTA CARES Innovation grant last spring. This platform will allow students to access materials before lectures and spend more class time on projects.

“For building information modeling, there was absolutely no other similar resource freely available to students and in an organized coherent way that students can access and learn from,” Makhmalbaf said.

Building information modeling influences the architecture, engineering and construction industries by improving communication among various stakeholders, including building owners, architects and public authorities.

Managed by UTA Libraries, the UTA CARES Grant Program helps educators adopt and create free course materials which can be revised and reused by others.



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