UTA Police chief appointed as Texas commissioner

Kim Lemaux, UTA Police Chief, outside the university police station Monday afternoon. Lemaux was recently named to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott appointed UTA Police Chief Kim Lemaux to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement April 25.

Lemaux will serve as one of nine commissioners on the state law enforcement regulatory agency until Aug. 30, 2021.

Lemaux, who first became UTA Police chief in May 2013, said she was surprised to be considered, let alone appointed to the commission.

She said she was first contacted about the opportunity several months ago and told to expect a decision in December.

“When I didn’t hear from the governor’s office, I just assumed they chose someone else,” Lemaux said. “I think I was a little bit more surprised when I got notified a few weeks back, but equally humbled to have received.”

As part of the commission, she and her fellow commissioners are charged with establishing standards for training and licensing, examinations for different positions and proficiencies for certificates and with helping the state government on the peace officer memorial and professional achievement awards, Lemaux said.

“It’s an awesome opportunity,” UTA Police Capt. Mike McCord said. “Not only for her and our department, but also for campus law enforcement across the state.”

Lemaux previously worked on the commission when she was with the Arlington Police Department’s training academy, in which she was assigned to the basic academy revision committee, Lemaux said.

She said, at the time, the committee went through a two-year process to completely revamp Texas police academy curriculum.

“I think, at times, you need to go in and tweak certain areas, and that should be done on a fairly continual basis,” Lemaux said.

Having been to several Texas Commission on Law Enforcement meetings over the years, she said she feels comfortable going into the position with an idea of what the responsibilities entail.

“Given the nature of what the commission is charged with, it really has a lot of far-reaching impact on the profession, and the charge is really focused on ensuring that Texas is served by anyone who is competent and ethical,” Lemaux said.

She said she asked whether she was the first commissioner from a university police department, and representatives from the commission were unsure if, in the commission’s 52-year history, there was one and are currently checking into its history.

John Hall, vice president for Administration and Campus Operations, believes the work she has done during her time at UTA speaks for itself.

“The innovative tactics and community policing employed by Chief Lemaux and her department are getting real results on our campus,” Hall said. “Students see the commitment of our police officers and know UTA is a campus that values their safety.”

Lemaux is still reviewing letters she received from the commission to see if there is anything it is tasked with looking at beyond their regular responsibilities, but said she wants to represent not just UTA, but all college and university police departments.

“To be able to represent campus and university law enforcement, I thought was important and to also be able to represent UTA and UT System was such an honor,” Lemaux said. “It’s a position I feel I can make a difference and that’s important to me.”



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