UTA joins national research universities to form Alliance of Hispanic Serving Research Universities

A poster displays the institution logos of schools joining to form the Alliance of Hispanic Serving Research Universities. 

UTA and three other UT schools announced they are joining 16 other top national research institutions to form the Alliance of Hispanic Serving Research Universities to accelerate opportunities for Hispanic students and faculty.

The Alliance of Hispanic Serving Research Universities is composed of institutions categorized as Carnegie R-1 and designated as Hispanic Serving Institutions by the U.S. Department of Education, meaning they are in the top 5% of research universities in the nation with at least a 25% Hispanic undergraduate student body, according to a UT System press release.

In fall 2021, UTA had an undergraduate Hispanic population of about 33% and a graduate Hispanic population of about 17%, according to previous Shorthorn reporting.

Heather Wilson, the alliance’s chair and University of Texas at El Paso president, set two key goals for the alliance to achieve by 2030: to double the number of Hispanic doctoral students enrolled and to increase the Hispanic professoriate by 20% at alliance universities.

“Texas has the second largest Hispanic population in the nation, and that important demographic is growing rapidly,” UT System Chancellor James Milliken said in the release. “UT institutions are committed to ensuring that the academic workforce – our graduates at all levels and the future faculty who create and transmit knowledge – reflect the diversity and richness of the state and nation we serve.”

The universities are already working on several initiatives, including one funded by the Mellon Foundation, focusing on supporting more doctorate students in Latino humanities studies and guiding them to academic careers. Another initiative, funded by the National Science Foundation, expands opportunities for Hispanic students in computer science.

President Jennifer Cowley said the alliance’s goals align with UTA’s vision of becoming one of the nation’s most inclusive and impactful research universities.

“Both UTA and our fellow HSRU Alliance universities are research powerhouses,” Cowley said. “Together, we have the research and institutional capacity to make an extraordinary difference in Texas and across the nation.”



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