The History Department has launched the History Tutoring Center this semester, housed in University Hall room 228A.

The center is open Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. said James Sandy, adjunct assistant history professor and student success coordinator. It provides services for lower-level history courses as well as history majors.

No appointment is necessary, and students are encouraged to come to the center with any issues, Sandy said.

The History Tutoring Center staffs 15 graduate teaching assistants including himself, tutoring center coordinator J. Anthony Guillory said.

At the center, students are provided one-on-one assistance with writing papers, study tips, advice on how to identify primary and secondary sources and read textbooks, and help identifying thesis statements, Guillory said.

The services are available for students as an attempt to increase completion rates and decrease withdrawal and dropout rates, Guillory said.

“We are proactive in the sense that we are able to anticipate some of the struggles [students] are going to have,” he said. “We can help to mitigate some of the problems they may face.”

Sandy said the center was created because he recognized the benefits of having a dedicated tutoring location for history.

“It’s our version of the IDEAS Center — in history we think differently and write differently,” he said. “It is specifically designed for, and run by, the History Department,” he said.

History Department chairperson Scott Palmer said the center is exciting for him and his faculty.

Guillory said the purpose of the center is to enhance the educational experience of students.

“This goes beyond making a good grade,” he said. “This is about becoming a more rounded, more critically engaged, more thoughtful [and] more expressive, better educated citizen.”


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