UTA begins preparations to continue a mix of online, in-person and hybrid courses in spring 2021

UTA plans to offer a mix of hybrid, in-person and online classes in the spring 2021 semester, according to an email from the Office of the Provost.

After discussions with faculty and Spring 2021 Academic and Course Planning Committee members, the university is planning to operate with the same mix of course modalities, said Provost Pranesh Aswath in the email. 

The Shorthorn obtained a copy of the email which was originally sent to deans and chairs. Course planning for the spring semester is still underway, and UTA has not made a final decision yet.

The email included a link to a planning document for faculty members to select class modalities for each course and section. Aswath said faculty members should keep in mind the full range of options available to best suit faculty and student needs.

He suggested faculty members with larger classes opt for the Hybrid 3 class modality since classroom seating availability will remain reduced in the spring. Faculty members should consider different testing strategies or a class modality other than Hybrid 1 for larger classes.

Accommodating face-to-face testing is a challenge for larger classes, Aswath said.

Once class modalities are assigned, every effort should be made to maintain the schedule and modality as changes can create complications for students, parents or campus partners.

Jeff Carlton, executive director of communications and media relations, said in an email that the university is preparing for a number of possibilities this spring, including a mix of class modalities similar to the fall semester.

“UTA will continue to emphasize the need to be flexible and is ready to adjust course delivery based on prevailing health conditions and guidance from the appropriate health authorities,” he said.



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