A new computer science partnership between UTA and the American University of Ras Al Khaimah, or AURAK, will provide AURAK students with the opportunity to fast track degree attainment.

The partnership is available for AURAK students, where after completing three years of undergraduate classes they will transfer to UTA, said Bahram Khalili, UTA associate professor of instruction and graduate adviser.

After completing their first year at UTA, they will receive a bachelor's degree in computer science from AURAK, he said. Then after completing their second year at UTA, they will receive a master’s degree from UTA.

The partnership will begin in fall 2020, he said.

Khalili said the influx of students from AURAK coming to UTA is a good thing and asserts UTA as a diverse college.

“It’s always good to be internationally diverse,” he said.

Mohammed Awad, AURAK computer science associate professor and chair, said in an email that UTA’s computer science and engineering department is a big help to students. The department houses state-of-the-art research laboratories that will enable AURAK students to gain valuable skills.

Another benefit to students is the shorter degree completion time, Awad said. The shorter time will be financially beneficial for students.

Hong Jiang, UTA computer science and engineering chair, said he’s excited about establishing a mutually beneficial partnership between UTA and AURAK.

He said he’s looking forward to working with colleagues from both universities on making the partnership successful.

Awad said AURAK has a strong exchange program and offers transfer students a unique place to study.

“I would like to encourage any UTA student interested in study abroad to consider spending a semester at AURAK to experience the culture of the region in one of the most diverse countries in the world,” Awad said.

Khalili said the partnership is a natural fit.

“Very good group of people,” he said. “Most importantly they are very enthusiastic about the relationship with [UTA].”



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