DALLAS — The gray skies on Saturday morning didn’t dampen the spirits of an estimated 7,000 people who marched through downtown Dallas.

Protesters marched for about three miles through downtown Dallas streets, chanting about human rights. The march ended with a rally, where about eight people took the stage on North Washington Avenue to speak.

The Women’s March on Dallas was one of more than 600 women’s marches organized in protest across the world a day after President Donald Trump took office. About 2.6 million marchers were expected to attend.

“Mr. Trump, this isn’t for you, this is about you,” said Jara Butler, Dallas County Young Democrats vice president.

Public relations senior Maria García said she wants her voice to be heard — not only for women's rights, but also for immigrants' rights and civil rights.

García used a pink umbrella to stand out from the crowd of protestors so her friends could find her.

"Our voices won't be silenced," she said. "We need to come together now more than ever."

Rally goers were encouraged to pick and join from any of the causes the speakers advocated for, including organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Dallas County Young Democrats and Workers Defense Project.

Amanda Johnson, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Dallas leader, spoke about the movement of mothers acting against gun lobbies.

“Select the cause that won’t let you stop,” Johnson said. “This is not a moment, this is a movement.”

Denisse Carrera, marketing and management junior, said this was the first march she's ever attended.

"Today I did something," she said.

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