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The Q&A style event, Cookies with Cowley, had the university president answer questions on the noisiness of Cooper Street, Latino representation on campus and the renaming of the University Center and Woolf Hall.

Positions for Homecoming king and queen, Student Senate, UTA Ambassadors and the Student Service Fee Allocation Committee are open. Filing to run costs $10 and can be applied for on UTA’s website.

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The Green Fee, which would be implemented if it passes the Senate and a student body vote during the April election, was also discussed during the meeting. If passed, the 3-year fee will be collected from students beginning in fall 2022 to fall 2025.

The ballot includes Homecoming king and queen, Student Service Fee Allocation Committee representatives, UTA ambassadors and student senators.

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Team registration is $50 and individual registration is $10, and teams will receive shirts and a roll of duct tape to tape their shoes.

Student Senate confirmed information systems junior Gavin Mitchell as the new chief of staff Tuesday. The senate also introduced four new resolutions and a constitutional amendment.