Student Senate swore in the Student Body vice president, 13 senators and unanimously confirmed a Supreme Court Judge during its first general body meeting of spring 2019.

Bethany Clinton, Student Body vice president, swore an oath of office before the Student Senate.

“Bethany is one of the most hardworking and talented individuals I have had the opportunity to work with,” Student Body President Yash Singh said.

Newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice Joshua Cupps said his goal is to contribute to the improvement of the Judicial Branch with the help of his peers.

“He possesses a sharp intellect and cooperative nature,” said Singh.

Cupps said he is interested in addressing issues that affect student welfare and mental health.

Cupps was confirmed with a vote of 25-0. This will be his first role in Student Government.

Three resolutions were introduced to the Student Senate and assigned to committees.

The resolution “Renaming Davis Hall” was reassigned to the Student Affairs Committee for research into the background of Davis Hall.

“I am Woman, Give Me Options” was assigned to the Special Affairs Committee in order to research vendors that can supply feminine hygiene products.

Seven other resolutions were referred to committees for discussion.


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