Student government to discuss voting initiatives, elections in first virtual Greet Your Government

The first virtual Greet Your Government event will take place from noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday via Microsoft Teams to allow students to interact with Student Government representatives.

Students can meet each Student Government branch and learn what they do during the event using the Teams link on MavOrgs, by going to or using this link:, chief of staff Corrina Sullivan said in an email.

“Although most of our work is online, the student body should know that Student Government is still there for them,” Sullivan said.

The event is divided into various sections. Students can talk to senators from noon to 12:40 p.m., talk to the executive branch regarding voting initiatives from 12:40 to 1:20 p.m. and get information regarding the Program Assistance Fund and elections from 1:20 to 2 p.m.

“Greet Your Government is an important event because the student body can connect with their representatives and learn about what we are doing for them,” Sullivan said. “Although it looks a little different this year, that core value is still there.”


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