The deadline to apply for Student Government positions is Nov. 22 at 11:59 p.m.

Applications can be found on the Student Government website, said Mitul Kachhla, Student Body vice president.

At the time of publication, available positions included two senator seats each in the Division of Student Success and the College of Nursing and Health Innovation and one senator seat in the Honors College, Kachhla said.

According to the Student Government website, senators represent the students in their college or school. Senators are part of the Legislative Branch, and they write, research and vote on resolutions that influence change on campus.

The Legislative and External Relations committees have three open positions each, Kachhla said.

The Legislative Relations Committee encourages student engagement in politics through voter registration drives and visits to Arlington City Council and Texas State Legislature meetings, according to the Student Government website.

The External Relations Committee plans and implements Greet Your Government, Maverick Opinion Boards, Resolution Awareness and Campus Conversations, according to the website.

In the Election Supervisory Board, there are about two or three positions available, Kachhla said.

According to the website, the board coordinates the Campus Elections process through drafting election guidelines and procedures, recruiting for available positions and managing the logistics of elections.

All positions are a semester term, Kachhla said.

Haley Ariyibi, Speaker of the Senate, said after a student submits an application they will go through an interview process, and then a decision is made on if the student is appointed or not.

“We need students voices and opinions,” Ariyibi said. “We want hardworking, dedicated people who are going to take this seriously and who want to make change on campus.”

Interviews will occur on Nov. 25 and 26, according to the website.


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