An unidentified person was walking through the Fine Arts Building making threatening gestures toward people Monday afternoon, UTA Police Capt. Mike McCord said.

The individual was on the third floor pointing at people with his hand in the shape of a gun and said, “Bang, bang. You’re all dead,” McCord said.

A male student who witnessed the individual became concerned and contacted UTA Police, McCord said. Police arrived shortly after and checked the area to try and locate the suspect but were unable to.

The reporting person said he did want to aid in prosecution if the person was found, McCord said.

The suspect is a 6-foot tall, white male who was wearing a gray hoodie with a Texas Longhorns emblem on it, McCord said.

A terroristic threat of this nature is a class-B misdemeanor under section C of Texas Penal Code 22.07, according to Texas Penal Code. It is punishable by a fine not to exceed $2,000, no more than 180 days in jail or both.


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