Oncor, ERCOT cease controlled blackouts in Texas

Cars drive on a snow-covered Cooper Street on Feb. 16 in Arlington. Over 18,000 Tarrant County residents remain affected by outrages, and personnel will work continuously to restore power to these customers. 

Oncor and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas announced that they’ve stopped controlled power outages throughout the state early Thursday morning. 

As of 9 p.m. Thursday, more than 18,000 Tarrant County residents are still being affected by outages, according to Oncor’s outage maps.

In a press release, Oncor said the Wednesday winter storm led to record-low temperatures and caused damages to electric equipment.

Personnel will work continuously to restore power to the remaining customers, the release stated.

On Monday, ERCOT declared that Texas was at its highest energy emergency level. The record-low temperatures caused people to maximize their heaters’ capacities, which caused the grids to reach their limit, and ERCOT had to start rotating outages. Almost one million statewide Oncor customers were affected by major power outages Tuesday evening, according to a previous Shorthorn article.

ERCOT made “significant progress” Wednesday night to bring back power to customers, according to an additional Thursday press release.

“We will keep working around the clock until every single customer has their power back on,” said Dan Woodfin, ERCOT’s senior director of system operations, in the release.



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