Off-campus access to MyMav and UTA email accounts will require users to set up multifactor authentication starting this semester.

The new project offers additional protection for faculty, staff and students when they utilize UTA applications, said chief information officer Joe Carpenter in an email.

“Most attacks come from off campus,” Carpenter said. “Non-UTA networks have varying levels of security that may or may not offer levels of protection consistent with UTA’s networks.”

Users are required to verify they are the ones attempting to access their accounts with either a text message or call made to their authentication phone, a call to their office phone or notification to the authenticator app.

MyMav, UTA email accounts will require multifactor authentication this spring

According to an Office of Information Technology email, if a user previously set up multifactor authentication to access O365 on campus, the user is ready to access MyMav.

Multifactor authentication can be helpful in alerting the user that someone is attempting to use their account without their permission, he said.

Students living in on-campus dorms are also required to set up multifactor authentication.

Carpenter said many on-campus residence halls do not operate on the university’s networks that access the internet. The use of multifactor authentication offers an additional measure of protection for users’ accounts.


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