Delta Xi Nu sorority introduces new sisters

Information systems senior Blessing Samusi introduces herself to the crowd in a dance at the stroll off hosted by the Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority on Sept. 4 on the Central Library mall. Delta Xi Nu will introduce its new members during a probate at 8 p.m. Tuesday in the University Center Rio Grande A.

A form of entertainment for onlookers, the Multicultural Greek Council showcase unites members together.

Each fraternity and sorority does its own showcase. They dance, stroll, salute, as well as many other performances.

Strolling is when the members of the fraternity or sorority line up behind one another and move forward, alternating their dance moves, according to MGC 101: A Guide to Multicultural Greek Organizations. When the group strolls, they are complimenting or giving credit to one of their members by admiring them and performing.

This is what makes each of them different and sets them apart from one another, said Vannessa Lam, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi president.

There is a different committee head for each showcase, said Vu Nguyen, Lambda Phi Epsilon president. This means they are always evolving.

However, there is always pride and love shown for one another, no matter who is performing.

Biology senior Nguyen said this semester, they are preparing for the showcase three weeks in advance. The members will have their traditional strolls as well as the chapter strolls.

He said the showcase is similar to a talent show because it shows what brings them together as a fraternity or sorority. They all have the same goals in life, which is what unites them together, because each member wants to better themselves as well as the community, Nguyen said.

“We’re here to support each other, because we know that we’re all brothers and sisters in the greek community,” Nguyen said.

Every member is putting in their all, no matter what they are doing outside of the organization, he said. If they are sick or busy doing schoolwork, they still show up and put in the maximum effort they can for one another.

Criminal justice junior Daisy Antunez said for her sorority, Sigma Lambda Gamma, the showcase is a means to put its name out there and meet with other girls. The event is during recruitment week, which gives the sorority a chance to use this as an event to get interested students to come out and watch.

The showcase is 7 p.m. Monday at the Rosebud Theatre. For interested students, there will be a Multicultural Greek Council meet and greet the next day at the same place and time.

By performing a skit to show their principles, the members can show what the sorority is about, Antunez said.

The principles are academics, cultural awareness, morals, ethics, community service and social interaction, she said.

Biology junior Lam said the show can be eye-opening for viewers who might have a certain mindset about what a sorority is.

She said it’s nice for students to come out, whether they are involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life or not, and get a different message of what it means to be involved in greek life.

Lam’s sorority was the first Asian-interest sorority on campus, chartered in spring 2015.

She said the sorority values sisterhood, philanthropy, service and scholarship. Even though they are different from the other sororities in the council, they are similar to them in a way, because they all respect one another and their traditions, she said.

Lam said the showcase sets them apart because of what they’re showcasing, but at the same time, it unifies them because every member values the same aspects in life.

“It shows how much pride and love we have for all the organizations,” Lam said.


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