Lipscomb Hall will be a designated quarantine space in the fall semester

The setting sun reflects off the UTA tower Jan. 19 on the corner of UTA Boulevard and Cooper Street.

Lipscomb Hall will be used to house UTA Housing residents who do not have suitable off-campus accommodations for quarantine or self-isolation in the fall semester.

One hundred and seventeen residents have been relocated from Lipscomb Hall to Vandergriff Hall for the academic year, said Eric Leidlein, auxiliary services executive director. Twenty-six graduate students have been relocated from Lipscomb Hall to West Hall.

University Housing will honor the contracted Lipscomb Hall rental rate for all students relocated from the hall, Leidlein said. The relocation will not affect contracted rental rates for students who originally selected Vandergriff and West halls as their residences.

There are 332 bed spaces available in Lipscomb Hall for isolation and quarantine, and the Quarantine and Isolation Committee will advise those in isolation.


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