La Blue Casa to remain closed

La Blue Casa, which was located in the College Park District, will not reopen. The Mexican restaurant closed in December for the university's winter break and had planned to roll out an all-vegan menu by February.

La Blue Casa, a Mexican restaurant located in the College Park District, will not be reopening Tuesday as previously stated on its website.

La Blue Casa will remain closed permanently, university spokeswoman Kristin Sullivan said.

“We anticipate a new tenant moving into the space and that an announcement will be made soon,” Sullivan said.

Nursing sophomore Monica Pena, a manager at the Texadelphia that neighbors La Blue Casa, said she didn't know whether the restaurant was permanently closed, but that she had seen former La Blue Casa employees apply to work at Texadelphia.

Aditya Gupta, mechanical engineering graduate student, said he was an employee at La Blue Casa before moving to Pie Five because of issues regarding late pay and inconsistent hours.

The restaurant closed for renovations in December, according to the restaurant’s social media posts. In September, La Blue Casa’s owners announced they were working toward transitioning to a strictly vegan menu by February, according to a previous Shorthorn article.

The restaurant, which billed its menu as “authentic Mexican” on its website, originally started out as a food-truck business in Dallas before opening a brick-and-mortar location in the College Park District in March, according to a previous article in the Star Telegram.


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