Increased COVID-19 hospitalizations could cause Metroplex businesses to roll back capacity

A woman wearing a mask crosses the street after leaving a pharmacy April 9 in Fort Worth.

The Metroplex must roll back its nonessential business capacity from 75% to 50% after reaching the seventh consecutive day of increased hospitalizations Thursday.

Over 15% of all available hospital beds in the North Central Texas region have been occupied by COVID-19 patients the past seven days.

Any business establishment that would otherwise have a 75% occupancy or operating limit must operate at up to only 50% in areas where hospital capacity exceeds 15%, according to Executive Order GA-32 signed by Gov. Greg Abbott.

Under the executive order, bars in the region must close down completely. This comes nearly two months after they were allowed to reopen at 50% capacity.

Tarrant County has reported a total of 105,675 cases, with 4,009 occupied hospital beds, 884 of which are confirmed COVID-19 patients, according to the county’s COVID-19 tracker.


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