Fall weather in the Metroplex this week, with a chance of rain Wednesday night

The National Weather Service announced Tuesday a flood watch to be put in place starting at 7 a.m. Wednesday and stretching through 7 p.m. Thursday for the north central and northeast Texas region, including the Metroplex.

Monique Sellers, National Weather Service meteorologist, said the area can expect a lot of heavy rainfall over the next few days. The flood watch will highlight areas expected to have constant issues with flooding, Sellers said.

She said a flood watch is not the same as a flash flood.

“This is more of a long fuse kind of flooding and less of the shorter, very quick flooding,” she said. “So this may affect some area rivers, creeks and streams.”

During the flood watch period, Sellers recommends residents keep up with any warnings issued for the area. She said the best thing to do when a warning is put in place is to avoid that area. She encourages people to not drive through any sort of flood over the road.

The National Weather Service is expecting a wide part of the north central and northeast region to get anywhere from two to four inches of rain, with some potential for higher amounts, Sellers said.

“With that much rain coming down, especially over prolonged periods, anywhere within that area is pretty susceptible to having some flooding issues,” she said.

Sellers said this flooding will be a byproduct of Hurricane Pamela. The hurricane will make landfall in Mexico on Wednesday morning.

She said Texas has moisture coming from both the Gulf and from Pamela, along with another cold front that’s coming from offshore northwest.

Some of the other effects Arlington can see from Hurricane Pamela include potentially strong storms and a chance of hail, she said.



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