Waves of blue could be seen at the Engineering Research Building courtyard as about 400 students were positioned to create an “A” symbolizing UTA on Friday.

University Advancement, housed in the Office of University Communications, invited students to participate in the spirit event.

Chief Communications Officer Joe Carpenter said the idea was to depict the “A” with the very people who represent the “A.”

“We’re trying to represent, just in a little bit of a different way, the spirit and the energy that we find at the university in our students,” Carpenter said.

Once everyone was in position, a picture was taken from one of the building’s balconies.

“It’s good that everybody gets to come together; all the different groups and organizations get to come together and show their school spirit,” said Ashley Wilson, UTA Dance Team member.

Jourdan Lawrence, UTA Dance Team member and biology sophomore, said it’s exciting that all the UTA groups can come together and do something so massive.

Dylan Hernandez, Mr. UTA and Homecoming king, said being a part of UTA and being involved is a great experience. For him, it was a privilege to be in the photo.

“You think that it’s not going to look like much because, I mean, we’re on the ground view. But once we actually see it, you might be able to pick yourself out, so it’s kind of fun,” Hernandez said.

Carpenter said the image will be used for various holiday-themed publications, future marketing materials and for communications with alumni and prospective donors.



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