UTA Theatre Arts Department proudly presents The Music Man (copy)

From left to right: Musical theater junior Cole Lucas, musical theater freshman Brock Huerter and musical theater junior Isaiah McInnis perform during a rehearsal of The Music Man on Feb. 25, 2019, in the Mainstage Theatre.

With UTA’s announcement to transition all classes online and cancel on-campus events, the departments of Art and Art History, Music, and Theater Arts and Dance have made changes to students’ learning and involvement.

UTA announced a one-week spring break extension Thursday in response to the new coronavirus outbreak, according to a previous Shorthorn article. Classes will resume Monday and transition online for the remainder of the semester.

During this time, faculty and staff will work on finalizing plans to transition classes online and communicate with students on how to access the classes. Here is the information we have gathered regarding changes to the art, music and theater arts departments.

 Art and Art History Department

Department chair August Jordan Davis said the faculty have discussed with UTA’s Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Excellence the options available in Microsoft Teams and Canvas that will help with the transition to remote instruction, including studio classes.

The department has made the following options available to faculty: video demonstration for students, uploading interactive PowerPoints, using electronic portfolios on Canvas, as well as Canvas Conferences that can provide access to office hours, group discussion and virtual critiques if instructors want, she said.

“We have encouraged our faculty to respond to this change by adjusting assignments and syllabi as necessary, so we remain focused on delivering basic fundamentals of art and design education to our students,” Jordan Davis said.

She said the department has encouraged faculty to also adapt in ways that will help students understand the key aspects of the class and its skills. It has also encouraged faculty to keep in mind the new pressures everyone faces, she said.

Music Department

Department chair Dan Cavanagh said the department is currently working through the details of transitioning to online courses, which includes its ensembles.

While the department does not have specifics, he said they are looking into video evaluation and teaching and will continue to use Canvas for communication. He said the department plans on having more information out to students by the time classes resume Monday.

Per UTA guidelines, Cavanagh said the department has also canceled several concerts and recitals for the semester.

Theater Arts and Dance Department

The Maverick Theatre Company and Maverick Dance Company have decided to cancel the rest of the semester’s performances, according to a department announcement made Monday.

These performances include The Life of Galileo, VIA DANCE and Heal the Divide On and Off Campus, according to the announcement.

“We feel this is in the best [interest] for the safety of our students and patrons during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak,” said Kaitlyn Walker, a department administrative assistant, in an email regarding the semester’s season changes.



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