UTA Ambassadors hosted UTA Founder’s Day to celebrate the university’s 124th birthday Wednesday on the Central Library mall.

The event is for students to have a good time and celebrate being a Maverick, program coordinator Januari Baker said. She encouraged students to attend next year’s event, which is celebrated the second Wednesday in October.

Refreshments and cupcakes were provided to students. A performance by the Maverick Dance Team was given and a photo booth was also available.

“We want to celebrate the university for all that it’s been and all that it will be in the future,” Baker said. “This is the opportunity where we can celebrate our history and our traditions.”

President Vistasp Karbhari said the event honors the founding of the university as well as the student population.

“Each time we look at Founder’s Day, we get to remember why this university was founded, which was to serve a mission of educating our students,” Karbhari said. “We get to celebrate the wonderful students that we have and all the great things that they’re doing.”

UTA has been an agriculture school, a military academy and now a model 21st-century urban research university, said Lisa Nagy, vice president for Student Affairs.

It is important to remember and acknowledge the people who had a vision, Nagy said, but also to reflect on the success that occurs daily on campus and the impact UTA has on the world.

“UTA remains an extraordinary place,” she said. “Let us never forget that, nor take it for granted.”

The traditions and history make it a distinct place to call home, student body President Gavin Mitchell said. History such as the university’s eight different name changes represents the constant adaptation to student needs.

“UTA has an incredible history, but the best is yet to come,” Mitchell said. “[The university] has made all who attend here a better version of themselves.”



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