Four judicial candidates are in the running for Place 2 on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals: Mary Lou Keel, Lawrence “Larry” Meyers, Mark Ash and Adam Reposa.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the last resort court for criminal cases in the state. A last resort court is the highest level in the judicial system. The United States Supreme Court is the highest last resort court.

Keel is the Republican candidate. She is currently the judge for Texas District 232.

She previously served as Harris County assistant district attorney and briefing attorney for the First Court of Appeals in Texas.

The incumbent, Meyers, runs as the Democratic candidate. Meyers served his first term as Criminal Appeals judge in 1992. He was a Place 6 candidate for the Texas Supreme Court in 2014, but he lost to Jeff Brown.

Ash runs as the Libertarian candidate. He previously ran for the Texas Supreme Court in 2012 and 2014.

Reposa is the Green Party candidate. He is currently a lawyer based out of Austin.


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