COVID-19 or not, students expect guests to be mindful of cleanliness, respect during gatherings

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, UTA students are making adjustments to accommodate their roommates when guests come over. 

Nursing freshman Lynae Perez said it gets lonely being by yourself and is ready for the opportunity to have gatherings again. 

However, depending on how well she knows her guests and their partying habits, she will still require them to wear masks. 

Some students, like criminal justice sophomore Emma Haak and music education freshman Neely Aqskisson, believe that even without COVID-19, having too many people in their living space is stressful. 

“If I was going to have a lot of people together, I would do it at a restaurant since those are more open now,” Haak said. “But I don’t even think I would want to have a lot of people in my dorm, even if we were allowed to.”  

She believes after more vaccinations have been distributed, one or two-person gatherings should be allowed. 

When having guests over, students must be respectful.

Construction management freshman Angel Floriano, said one of his rules is to not interrupt his sleep.  

“Don’t go outside if you know you’re not going to be able to get back in,” he said. 

Students believe being clean, courteous and respectful are important things for roommates to remember when having guests over. 

Students like aerospace engineering sophomore Scott Booth said communication plays a major role. 

“I would say that’s like the most important thing,” he said. “If you’re not telling people what the problem is and what’s bothering you, you can’t really expect them to fix it. We don’t read each other’s minds.” 

Although we’re still in a pandemic, social work senior Jacinto Treviño said when having company over, you should be mindful and considerate about what is happening. He also stresses the importance of being clean. 

“If you’re going to have company over, at least have the place clean,” Treviño said. “Why would you want to have someone walking into a tornado of a mess?”  


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