City of Arlington advises residents to boil tap water before consumption

The plaza outside city hall in downtown sits empty April 13 in Arlington.

Arlington residents are advised to boil tap water before consumption, according to a city of Arlington press release.

Residents may be without water service because of unprecedented demand and a possible major water main break.

Arlington Water Utilities is working to restore water pressure in the distribution system. As of 4:32 p.m. Wednesday, the company continues to attempt to restore water pressure and service. Officials estimate it will take approximately 48 hours for the system to return to normal pressure levels.  

Pressure may be reduced for those with water, and tap water must be boiled before consumption, including when washing hands or face, brushing teeth, cooking and drinking water.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality required that a boil water notice be issued because of recent pressure drops in the city’s distribution system.

Water must be boiled to a “vigorous” rolling boil for five minutes then cooled completely before consumption, according to the press release.  Residents without electricity are advised to purchase bottled water, said Susan Schrock, city of Arlington communications coordinator. 

Children, seniors and those with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to harmful bacteria. 

Public water system officials will notify individuals when it is safe to consume tap water again. 

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, food establishments should immediately stop operations if an imminent public health hazard may exist due to an emergency such as extended loss of electrical or water services, sewage backup, onset of an apparent foodborne illness outbreak or gross insanitary occurrences or conditions. Permit holders must receive approval before resuming operations.

The Commons is closed due to the lack of water and the University Center will remain open as a warming center overnight for students, faculty and staff. Bottled water can also be picked up at the UC information desk, according to Student Government.

Dining areas and Starbucks at the Commons are closed for the foreseeable future.

City of Arlington warming stations will remain open today, Shrock said. 

Arlington has two warming stations available to those affected by power outages, one located at The Salvation Army at 712 W. Abram St. and the other at the Dottie Lynn Recreation Center located at 3200 Norwood Lane.   


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