CAPPA creates 2 new scholarship opportunities to highlight student work in sustainability, diversity

The College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs has developed two new scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students continuing their education with the college.

Both awards recognize work students completed in design or research projects during their time in the college, according to the award website.

The CAPPA Student JEDI Awards and CAPPA Student Sustainability Awards will each provide one graduate and one undergraduate student with a $1,000 scholarship to be applied to their student account in fall 2021. Both are open to all CAPPA disciplines.

The awards have specific criteria, and students’ submissions should address and explain how their projects or research directly reflect these principles.

The JEDI awards focus on four principles: justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. The CAPPA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee created these awards.

There are signs of society’s failures around diversity and inclusion, and when these principles aren’t examined jointly, issues cannot be properly addressed, said Austin Allen, CAPPA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee chairperson and associate professor of practice.

“Sometimes even the things we want to do to help may hurt because we don’t know what the story really is,” Allen said.

Students are encouraged to apply and present broad interpretations of the JEDI principles, which are issues at the forefront of our society right now, he said.

“This is an opportunity to say, whatever you’re designing, whatever you’re planning, you should be thinking about these four different elements no matter what you do,” Allen said.

The sustainability award focuses on principles such as equitable and sustainable communities, promoting health, protecting ecosystems, mindful water and energy usage, and designing and planning for the future.

“They underscore to students how interconnected different aspects of sustainability are, reminding students that “sustainability” is not merely a buzzword or a single goal that can be met and then forgotten,” said Douglas Klahr, Faculty and Student Affairs associate dean, in an email.

This award uniquely demonstrates to students how the 10 criteria are interconnected and how they involve all the college’s disciplines, he said.

Students who receive an award will be able to explore and enjoy college with a little less to worry about, architecture freshman Dallas Murray said. Receiving scholarships shows employers dedication and willingness to work hard.

UTA is moving toward more diversity and sustainability because the world is changing, Murray said.

“We are seeing environmental and diversity concerns popping up more and more as time progresses, and I feel like through these scholarships UT-Arlington is trying to move ahead,” he said. “Trying to make architecture something that represents people and represents the world, rather than simply trying to build something pretty.”

Applications are due Feb. 5 by 5 p.m. to Klahr for sustainability awards or Allen for JEDI awards. Recipients will be announced March 10.

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