Counseling Services hosts seminar for first-generation college students


UTA Volunteers will team up with the Compost Center to learn and assist with the compost process Saturday.

Lira Polanco, UTA Volunteers animals and environment director, said the group will learn the process of how materials are composted and why composting is important.

“The reason for Composting Day is for volunteers to learn other forms of being eco-friendly besides just recycling paper and bottles,” Polanco said via e-mail.

According to Polanco, composting is a way to recycle organic matter, such as yard and food waste.

“What UTA Volunteers hopes to achieve is to educate volunteers about this process of recycling, and enabling them with the knowledge necessary about composting,” she said.

The event is open to all. Those interested should contact UTA Volunteers today because space is limited. The center is located at the Environmental Health and Safety Office at 500 Summit Ave.

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